Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I am feeling very angry today

And poor eddy he deals with me! I am just having such a hard time, it is scary. I feel so helpless and angry, it is so unfair and nothing makes it better. Everyone else is dealing with it so well, why doesn't anyone else miss her like I do. Eddy seems fine most of the time. But here I am going on two weeks of barely functioning, not being able to get Genevive out of my head. I have this non stop need to do something for her, but having no money that is hard to do. Everything is on hold till we get paid. Eddy and I did work on her baby book a bit this morning, but it made me upset there is so much I can't fill in. Usually doing that stuff makes me feel better.

I also watched some of her videos, here is my favorite today:

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Lissa Lane said...

Genevive was beautiful. So beautiful. I'm in tears. I've been so emotional today myself. If you need to talk hun please don't hesitate to give me a holler out.