Saturday, July 4, 2009

Grieving is so hard!

I follow this blog. This little guy has stolen my heart. He is not doing so well now though. And I feel myself panicking. I feel myself doing what ifs. I want to tell his parents all the important things not to miss just in case. Of course if I sent any message to them suggesting he could die that would be horrific. Why can't we save them all. I wish every pregnant woman was told about NILMDTS and to take a billion photos and stuff, just in case. Then there would be no woman who has lost her baby and said, I wish I had spent more time with them, I wish I had better photos. I wish I had more memories.

I wish I could help people more. I know how these parents feel, I watched Genevive struggle to oxygenate herself. It ultimately led to brain death and organ failure. I understand that terrible feeling in your gut. I wish I could take it away for them. I don't know why I follow these things, I think I am just to sensitive. Please pray for Bryce, the world doesn't need another angel.

EDIT: Bryce did pull through and is still fighting! I have a good feeling, I hope he goes home with his mommy and daddy soon, the NICU is such a tough ride.

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Just Breathe said...

I came over from a link on Mumblings From Troy Ohio. I am so sorry for your loss and happy you have Lily. I did leave a donation for Genevive's headstone. I have two blog spots. One of my blogspots I just started in June.
I would love to send you a handkerchief from For Your Tears. and if you could send me your full name and address at: I will get that in the mail to you. Take care and God Bless.