Thursday, May 13, 2010

Important tips for medical personnel in dealing with grieving parents

Not the most creative name is it? But it gets the point across. Here is the pamphlet I made for my hospital presentation. This project has brought me great peace in Genevive's death. I guess I feel like it isn't all for nothing. I got awesome responses from hospital personnel. And I have to say personally I am very proud of it!! Here is a PDF file for anyone who wants to See my pamphlet.

Important tips for medical personnel in dealing with grieving parents

Of course feel free to save, print, share whatever you want with it. It is my hope that this will be distributed to hospitals that deal with early infant death.

I plan to make a website to publish it on soon. And eventually get some nice copies of it printed to mail out to some more hospitals. Local hospitals in my area already have copies of it.

And Please I am always looking for feedback and suggestions.


Catherine W said...

This is absolutely fantastic. What an amazing resource. You've picked up on so many of the things that I noticed or thought about but I could never have pulled it all together so neatly and coherently.
Remembering Genevive. x

Jaime said...

I came across your work today and think it is fabulous. It is very well written. Thank you. xo

A friend of mine is an OBS nurse at our local hospital and has asked that I work with her to revamp what they as a staff are doing and I hope you will allow me to share your work with her.

Thinking of you and your girls.


Sophie said...

Hi, I came here from Michelle's blog trying to access this link. It's not working for me. :(

I stopped to read Genevieve's story. She is so beautiful! I am so sorry for your loss. Your final hours with her sound so peaceful (heart breaking but peaceful) and remind me of my own experience with my own little angel. No mother should have to say goodbye to their babies. It's just wrong.

Wishing you healing,

Nan & Mike said...

Sweet Girl, you have done an amazing thing for this community and I will definitely be advocating to the nurse manager at our hospital that this info be distributed!!! Great job! Hugs, Nan xxx

Stace said...

The pamphlet is fantastic. I wish I had seen something like that a while ago... as I read, my heart jumped when I read the part about taking a lock of hair. When Connor died, I didn't think of that and now, 10 months later, I find myself wishing that I had. It's the small things... but those are all I have.

Just Breathe said...

What a wonderful job you did on the pamphlet. I pray that this will get into the hands of all the doctors around the world. ((HUGS))

Catherine W said...

Just thinking of you and your girls this evening. Hope all is well, I miss reading your blog updates. x