Friday, December 31, 2010

My babies together!

So, I started working on my baby videos. I have put it off so long, Because I take so many photos it is overwhelming.

I am doing genevive first, since it seems to be a comforting activity while I am missing her (this is my tough period, the time she was actually alive). Plus of the two it is a much smaller job obviously. Anyhow while sorting out the photos look what I found!

Look that is a photo of both of my babies together! It is in the delivery room, inside the transportation unit, ready to go to the NICU. Lillian is in the back, and Genevive is closest to us. I do have a photo of me holding both of them, but this is the only photo of them actually together. Not the greatest photo, but something I was sad I didn't have. There is something about seeing them together at the same time, it makes it feel more real.

Here are a couple other favorites of Genevive on her birthday! She was such a cutie, she looked like my Alex when he was born.

Her very first photo ever! Fresh out of the belly.
Getting cleaned up a bit.

And finally a cry! I remember it was a husky gurgly cry, she was struggling to breath a lot more than Lillian. In fact a nurse held Lillian next to the operating table to see me for about ten minutes, because they were still trying to stabilize Genevive. When she was good enough, they brought her by me for just a second and then whisked them both to the NICU.

And finally here is my first look at my baby! And her first look at me, cause she opened her eyes!! After seeing Lillian, she seemed so big! But she was only 3lb 1oz.


Michele said...

So beautiful! I am so glad that you have these pictures!
Happy New Year!!!

Brittanie said...

I'm glad you have a picture of the two of them together. I can't wait to see her video!


Valerie said...

I was surprised today to see you had posted on my blog. I've been thinking about you, as I do at this time of year. I don't know if you remember, but we were part of the MA board on JM together. I'm so glad you have a picture of your girls together. i'm sure her video will be amazing.

Delekatala said...

Yup I remember, I check your blog every so often, and I still lurk on the moms of multiples board to see how everyone is doing. I just don't post since its awkward, people don't answer since they don't know what to say. I really am trying to be better about blog comments lately. I love getting them, but I don't give them enough I think.