Friday, May 15, 2009

Lillian is sick

Well, I really think my heart can't take this parenting thing. Lillian woke up sick today, preemies being sick is a huge deal. We will be going into the pediatricians at 1:45 and then most probably they will send us to hasbro to spend a couple days there just like last time. I hope so honestly, because I am so afraid of going to sleep and her not waking up. You read about them getting RSV and the parents think it is just a cold. Well I think this is just a cold, but what do I know? They will do a test in the Dr. office. I am so paranoid.

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s said...

I thought of you on the 14th. I've realized that no matter how many go by I still get depressed on the 14th of every month. I'm so sorry to hear that Lillian is sick, and I hope that she gets better soon. I will be praying for your sweet Lillian.

Susan Brewer (Allie's mommy)