Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My sweet Lillian

This blog was a place for me to vent out all those feelings I didn't know how to handle. At that time it was all about missing my sweet baby. But life goes on and other problems arise. And I have found myself wanting to add them to my blog.

I have also felt something that creeps up more and more often. I hate doing things for one baby and not the other. It is silly really, obviously I won't be able to do everything for Genevive that I do for Lillian throughout her life. But when I do get a chance I like to do things in double. I think it is the part of me that mourns having twins. All those visions and dreams of matching outfits, and double strollers. So much so that i am paying for a doll made of Genevive, and I am getting one of Lillian as well. it just didn't feel right. They are supposed to be a pair of sorts.

So here is my Lillian who you will be hearing more about. And Probably big brother Alex as well. I hope this doesn't affect any Angel moms who read my blog, but they are a huge part of my life and as a matter of fact my grief as well.

Here is Lillian when she was born. My 1lb 13 oz miracle. And to think she was the one we all worried about.

And here she is now.

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Catherine W said...

Aw sweet lil girl. Gorgeous, even if she hasn't taken kindly to being compared to her auntie! Your Lillian is a cutie and has grown so much. I also can't believe that my Jess was once so tiny. So hard to believe that they were both once those tiny little people, weighing less than 2lbs.
I so wish that I could do all the things that I can do for Jess for Georgina as well. I love both my girls so very much.
I also still look for two of everything. Similar outfits or toys. If I buy something nice for Jessica, I still want to get Georgina a present as well. Strange as I've had one baby for far, far longer than I ever had two. But Jessica will always be a twin, just like Lillian will always be a twin. xx