Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The interview went good I think

I was a bit nervous. But it was great to show off Genevive's photos and talk about her so much. Also they said maybe they will do something on Now I lay me down to sleep in the future! I think it would be awesome to get the word out. I told him how valuable the photographs they take are, I treasure them. We also went to the cemetery as well, and they took some video of her grave. And while we were there I was able to speak to the cemetery guy about the deeds to our plots. It was a good day. I hope i don't come across as some morbid crazy woman, LOL. But it is what it is, I hope people will take something away from this.

I will end with one of the amazing photos Jennifer Lamy our NILMDTS photographer took. We owe her so much. She spent the whole day with us, and she rushed the photos to get them to me quicker. I know she is a busy photographer and she took her time out to make our grief just a tiny bit easier to handle.

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