Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Opportunities seem to have a way of presenting themselves.

Did you know that infants can die? Of course you do or you wouldn't be here. The thing is, when your baby dies, it seems like no one realizes it happens. People avoid the subject like the plague, Naturally it makes them uncomfortable. But all the avoidance in the world doesn't change the fact that it happens. A lot of us who have lost our children want to talk about them. We want them to be remembered. We want people to realize it happens and know a bit about it in case it happens to them.

This morning I got a phone call from the channel 12 news. They saw THIS blog, and want to do a story on us. At first I was a bit iffy, such short notice, what will I wear, But my house is so tiny and a big mess! But I thought about it, what a way to get the word out. I can talk about my Genevive, I can remember her. Maybe someone will see it and be in a similar situation and remember my words. They will know to contact and get gorgeous photos of their precious Angel. Or they will give their baby a last bath. Have I talked about the bath? Giving Genevive her bath was the single most healing thing I did. If I had one word of advice to pass along it would be to give your baby a bath when they pass. It gives you a chance to bond, and to study every little feature, and to feel like a parent that one last time. But I am rambling now.

Now I also have to admit, I was also a little excited when he said he noticed we didn't get as many donations for the headstone as we would have hoped, and these stories often lead to more donations. Perhaps I can get the original stone we wanted. I don't know why it matters so much, but we all want the best for our children, that doesn't go away after they are gone.

So hopefully this works out. If it does I may have some new visitors to my blog. So here is a video of Genevive for the front page. My first time holding her, she was three days old. Boy it was so hard to wait, but I couldn't hold her while she was on the ventilator. Please excuse my appearance, I just gave birth to twins!

And did you know I have all of my favorite photos of Genevive in an album on my photobucket?

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Catherine W said...

I completely agree with you. Sadly avoiding the subject doesn't make it go away.

It will be a wonderful way to honour Genevive and to help parents who may one day be in a similar position.

Beautiful video and photographs. xo