Thursday, October 29, 2009

We need some happy thoughts.

I have been in such a slump, people are going to stop reading my blog because I am so darned miserable! So lets try a happy post. I am glad to have had my baby, here are some happy things about her. I am also going to try to find different photos. I tend to always post my specific favorites, but in actuality I have thousands of photos of her, Yes I am a bit obsessed, I didn't want to miss anything. I was never in that nicu without my camera. Did you know you can click on the photos to see them larger?

When the twins were born I saw Lillian first. She had less trouble, they got her stable quick and brought her over. I was able to touch her and talk to her for a while, because they were working on Genevive for so long. By the time They brought Genevive over to me the anticipation was terrible. When I finally saw her my heart melted instantly, she looked just like my Alex when he was born. Same little nose and lips. Here is Alex when he was born, and genevive underneath.

She had the bestest hair all over her. Beautiful silver hair. My sister in law called her a yeti, LOL. Here's a photo, I am so glad I took this.

Genevive loved skin to skin, and she had no real time limit. Lillian was so small back then it was limited to a half hour or she would get cold. But genevive was meatier, and I could hold her for hours skin to skin. I would hold her a little sideways and talk to her and she would look right up at you, and move her mouth like she wanted to talk, she was sooo cute.

When I was pregnant we decided to color code our babies. We chose purple for genevive and Orange for Lillian. Reasoning was Lillian was originally a boy, LMAO. I am so glad we did this, the hospital was awesome about it, and the nurses would go find little color coded hats and blankets for them. Genevive had a lot of purple things. Now it has given her more of an identity in my mind, when I see purples, greens and creams it reminds me of her. And so do flowers and butterflies. She always had beautiful flowery purple and green quilts I think that is why.

I love baby yawns!! I hate head IVs!!

Genevive loved to suck! If her binky fell, she would suck her thumb. We had daily ultrasounds when I was in the hospital that last month, and she was always lounging and sucking her thumb, LOL. Even in utero she was very laid back.

Well that is all for now, Or this post will be a mile long. Wasn't she awesome! It is amazing how much of an impact she made on us in such a short time. She had a huge personality. Angel moms what are good memories for you? What makes you happy in all this sadness? we should all make a happy post, I had fun.


Lissa Lane said...

Wonderful Pics!! I should post pics of Calypso's back hair!!

I too hated those head ivs. OMG they gave me the heeby jeebies

Just Breathe said...

Yes, she is awesome. I'm so glad that you have so many pictures of her. ((HUGS))

Brittanie said...

I think it's so great that you got so much skin-to-skin time with her. Those pictures are so wonderful, and I know you treasure each one.

((hugs)) Don't worry, I'll never stop reading. Even if I don't comment, I read every post.

Catherine W said...

Oh your Genevive is just beautiful. I love the picture of her back hair! My girls had that too and, strangely, I had kind of forgotten about it. None of my photographs were close up enough to see it.
Thank you for sharing your awesome little daughter with us. xo