Thursday, November 18, 2010

RIP Kaiya Rae

Shock and awe has knocked me off my feet over the news of Kaiya Rae's death. On her 5 month birthday she passed away suddenly, with no good explanation. I saw her mom post just once in the cloth daipering forum and remember thinking how gorgeous Kaiya was in her siggy.

Whenever I hear of a new Angel it always affects me deeply. In a small way I relive what I went through with my Genevive, and I feel pain for the new grieving parents. It is such an unfair thing.

But every once in a while there is one that really hits home. Reading this mother's posts it is so obvious that she was totally and completely in love with her baby and enjoying motherhood every step of the way. It is so very very unfair that this baby would have to pass, no sickness, no accident, no reason, and no comfort.

And I feel useless, just some stranger across the country reading posts on the internet. I donated the last money I had in my bank account, a whopping $6.50. I feel a bit silly, but at least I tried doing something. I left a message on her facebook as well, and that is all I can do.

I know when Genevive passed away I was moved by the outpouring of support from my online friends. I hope maybe it is bringing some comfort to Kaiya's mom and dad too. I will never forget sweet baby Kaiya.

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