Thursday, June 25, 2009

Headstone drawing

We are leaving to get some quotes on the headstone. I appreciate everyone who is posting about it on their myspace and facebook etc. Here is a rough drawing of what we want, but it may change when we get there and get an idea of pricing and what is available etc.

Well I took that drawing down, since after headstone shopping some things have changed. Right now the stone is still being decided on, LOL. I did see one that is perfect, but I am concerned because it is more expensive. I am in contact with several headstone companies right now.

This is the one that stole my heart

But man, see that price tag! plus its a mail order company, not sure how to deal with this. Why isn't there a "what to do when your baby dies" book.

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Brittanie said...

It's beautiful honey. Brings tears to my eyes. I wish my teeth hadn't decided to fall apart, so I could help!