Monday, December 14, 2009

11 months

11 months, that seems so close to a year. Two weeks until her birthday, a week and a half till christmas. Lots of milestones and no joy whatsoever. I swear I am a miserable mess.

I was on the way to my sister's for game night and we passed a church with a wreath on it, it was green with some white sort of berries or flowers on it, and a large purple bow. It was so pretty and it reminded me of Genevive, and I wanted it so badly, and next thing you know I am balling my eyes out half the trip to my sisters.

I can't wait till this whole season is over, I am already tired of going through the motions.
A year ago I was in the hospital getting ready for Christmas and looking forward to having two beautiful babies. I had no idea what was to come in just a couple of weeks.


Susan and Michael said...

I'm right there with you. Down in the dumps during the holidays.

Susan Brewer

Brittanie said...

The first is hardest. It truly does get better. The first, you're wondering every moment if you will survive the next. In coming years, you will have already survived, so you know you can again.

Anyway, any time you need something, I'm here. ((hugs))