Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Genevive

Well this is certainly worse than Christmas. I got up, sang to Lillian, and have spent all morning doting on my little girl. I thought I was doing fine. Then I just burst into tears. I didn't feel it coming, not sure where it came from or what set it off. And now I can't stop it, I am such an awful mom. Poor Lillian.


Brittanie said...

You're not an awful mom. You're a wonderful mom who has been through something awful. Let yourself cry honey, you need it. You will have time to celebrate with Lillian later. And don't forget, Lillian lost something too. She may not understand it now, but your grief will show her that she has the right to later.

(hugs) Happy birthday to both your babies.

Catherine W said...

As Brittanie says, you aren't an awful mom. You love both your girls so very much.

I tried to put my tears aside on the girls' birthday but I just couldn't. I needed to cry. I needed to remember.

Remembering Genevive today & always xoxo

Stephanie said...

You are an amazing mom. Any mom who can face the things you have had to face and still able to even think about Lillian's feelings shows what an awesome mom you are. Thinking of you and both your babies today.

Susan and Michael said...

Oh, please don't ever say that you are an awful mother. You are a wonderful mother that loves both her babies so much and only wishes that she could have both of them with her to celebrate this occasion. Happy birthday Lillian and Genevive!

Susan Brewer