Saturday, April 25, 2009

April under the tree

A blog activity from here

How long has it been since you lost your child/ren? Has your grief changed at all? Is your life becoming any easier or is it just harder as time passes?

It has been about 3 and a half months. My grief has changed since the first month or so, when I shied away and was still getting over the shock. Now I am just trying to cope. I believe my life has become harder. I don't think i really started to grieve until Lillian came home from the NICU.

How do you feel when you see pregnant women when you are out and about?

This does not bother me, nor does seeing women with twins. I am glad they are happy and I enjoy seeing happy things.

Whats your therapy in the aftermath of losing your child? Do you go to counseling? Do you do artwork or some kind of exercise or do you simply just let yourself be? What helps you?

SO far this blog, the loss of a child forum on justmommies, sometimes I feel a need to do something involving Genevive, and I allow myself time to do that. I am still finding my way.


Lissa Lane said...

Thank you for sharing hun. I'm like you I like seeing happy things including pg mom's and mom's with little babies. I don't even feel jealous really. There is a bit of longing but I'm not bitter.


caitsmom said...

Thanks for joining us under the tree. I've learned a lot by reading your posts. Thinking of you and sending lots of love as your travel this grief journey.

Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

I'm glad you joined us under the tree. Continuing to pray for you and your family, including your sweet Lillian. I read through your site a little more...and I loved the picture of you with your two girls. Beautiful. I so wish I had a picture with me holding my girls. I just didn't have the presence of mind at the time to have that done. But I'm so glad that you did. Those pictures and memories become so precious to us.

Sending love and prayers,
Kelly Gerken
Sufficient Grace Ministries