Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Eggs!

We colored Easter eggs today. I did a few for Genevive. I was angry that there was no purple. I tried making purple using the red and blue, but you know red easter egg dye rots. But here they are, I still think they are pretty. I was messing around in photoshop, not sure what I was going for here, except I wanted to see what some new vector brushes looked like. But Genevive isn't going to be critiquing my artwork, LOL. I will be taking photos soon of the tiles and stuff, just trying to find the time, this was a bad appointment week for Lillian. Seriously how many times a week does she need to be weighed.


Lissa Lane said...

Happy Easter Genevive. I know she loves her eggs

Brittanie said...

I think that it's a wonderful thing that you made her some eggs. I was so concerned about keeping Erin's fingers out of the dye that it didn't occur to me to make Cora one or two.

They're beautiful.