Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Neonatal followup clinic

So Lillian had her first Neonatal followup. It is a specialty office that follows just the tiniest neonates, I think the ones born under 1250 grams. We specifically asked to see Dr. Stephens, she was also the Dr. who handled Genevive's sickness. Turns out she had us on her list to be seen by her anyhow, YAY she likes us! It was a very emotional appointment, she took such good care of Genevive and Lillian. After Genevive passed she gave us a lot of extra attention, she was very cautious with Lillian and made it a point to stop and check in with me a couple times a day. I really needed that at the time. I had a lovely conversation with the parent liason, we had a teary moment, she was pregnant with quads and two of them were stillborn. Her other two were 24 weekers, so she had a long NICU road. She was wonderful to talk to, and it was so nice to have a good conversation about Genevive. Tears and all I wish more people would talk to me about her. So any how in closing here is Dr. Stephens, this is just before she told me Genevive's heart had finally stopped. For anyone who may go through this in the future, that wait is the worst wait in the world. From when they disconnect everything till when she finally goes. More than once she made a gasp and I wanted to scream to put it back. It was horrible. They didn't warn me about that. For the most part she seemed peaceful though. Probably not what everyone wants to read, but I felt the need to say it.


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Lissa Lane said...

Wow. You guys look so comfortable. I wish they'd done that for us. We were shoved into a small room. With no pillows and nowhere to relax.

The gasping Calypso made haunts me to this day. She did it for 50 minutes