Tuesday, April 14, 2009

God does everything for a reason...

Someone online said..."I don't think there is a reason, I think god is just as sad as we are."

What a lovely sentiment, it sure makes me feel a lot better than the first one. What reason is there for a baby to die, you think of one.

A new genevive video for the front page. It is when she first woke up from her surgery. It makes me a bit angry, I had felt so relieved I thought she was going to be fine. But somehow this video matches how I am feeling today.


Brittanie said...

You know, I have never thought that God was a micromanager. I don't believe that He causes every little thing to happen. He doesn't make those bad things happen. We live in a fallen world and because of that crappy things happen. Like babies dying. He didn't cause it, the world did. He allowed it to give us the opportunities we needed to learn and grow so that we can return to Him someday.

I do believe that He grieves with every parent who loses a child. With every person who loses a loved one. As the Bible says, Jesus wept over the death of his friend Lazarus. He cries with us. But He didn't cause it to happen.


caitsmom said...

"God is just as sad as we are." I agree. That "for a reason" is for people without dead children. I can no longer "hang my hat" on that statement. Genevive is beautiful. I'm so sorry.