Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I wish we could dance

I like dancing. I am a big woman so I only dance when no one is home. But the most fun I have is to put on good music and dance with Alex. It is kinda more like jumping on the bed in rhythm. But it is fun anyhow. Today we did that with Lillian. She was so fussy so we blasted some music and we all danced, it was a lot of fun, and she was much happier too. I wish Genevive were here at moments like that, Very unfair she is missing them all, and we are missing her.


Brittanie said...

I've done that with both Erin and Patrick. I've always wished that I could have with Cora too.


I'm glad it made Lillian happy.

Lissa Lane said...

I'm so glad you danced today you deserve it 100%. I also wish I could have done so with Calypso